Been Busy Lately :(

2016-05-04 12:21:25 by AviDotExe

Ive just been busy with minor projects and settling into my new apartment I just moved into recently.  Hopefully soon I'll be able to continue storyboarding my next animation parody.

Check it out:

As for the next video,  the sheer number of things that I have to do alone will make its release a long time from now, but the script is all ready completed.

The next video introduces the addition of the Cheetah and Phoenix flash puppets, so I have to start making them and all the characters involved.

For voices I need to figure out how im going to get two female voice actors, and one of them needs a russian accent.

Also I intend to make very detailed vector backgrounds in illustrator this time instead of making them in flash.

As for the storyboard I've construted a well done template and I have to make a couple of professionally done drafts and an animatic since storyboard artists is the better way to the directors chair in the industry, so I need that stuff in my portfolio.


So until then enjoy,


Hello Newgrounds

2015-01-03 23:05:44 by AviDotExe

Ive spent years lurking without an account, watching videos and playing games on this site, and now it's time for my turn to post videos on this site.  Im looking foward to meeting everyone on here.